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Smooth Talking

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Smooth Talking Newborns: After almost 20 years with them, I still continue to be amazed at what perfect little human beings they are.  I still love cleaning those teeny tiny feet with miniature curly cashew-nut toes and seeing their little eyelashes grow. I recently read another fascinating fact: “A baby has around 10,000 taste buds, far more than adults. They are not just on the tongue but also on the sides, back, and roof of the mouth. Eventually these extra taste buds disappear.” When I talk to first time mums about the importance of healthy nutrition during the weeks following the birth, they often ask about what foods they should or should not eat.  Explaining that breast-fed babies get trace elements of everything the mother eats helps to emphasise how essential it is to have a varied diet.  Your breast-fed babies eat what you eat! A few months ago, on the advice of our osteopaths at Clapham Osteopathic Practice, my husband and I started making our own Green Smoothies.  We bought ourselves a well written book to read up on the nutritional advice and scientific facts about green smoothie making.  Then we took out our Kitchen-Aid liquidiser and stood, rather nervously, looking at the bags of glowingly healthy and 100% organic fruit and veg we had decided to use.  Fresh organic spinach, chard, bananas, papaya, mango and a bag of Spirulina powder.  With trepidation, we peeled and seeded the items that needed it and then put great fist-fulls of the greens into the blender, added a good dollop of Coconut Water and WHIZZZZZZ! The resulting mug full of green goop looked less than appetising, but we nervously took a gulp each.  It was superb.  Had we been blindfolded for this taste test, we probably would have assumed it was a simply fruit smoothie with a slightly fresher edge to it. We are now hooked.  For the past few weeks we have opted to have a box of organic fruit & veg delivered from Riverford Farm ( so that we never quite know what we will get, we can add to our order as the mood takes us and we get the variation needed in the green element.  I have begun encouraging my mums to try making their own smoothies at home. It always makes me laugh when I see their faces the first time I present one for them to try – like a child confronting a plate full of cauliflower and broccoli for supper!  However, a couple of sips later and I have have a new convert.  All those vitamins and minerals in one glass – and raw – nicely blended with the sweet naughtiness of fresh fruits. Coming to the end of a 4 week postnatal package with a lovely mum, I opened her fridge to see a large green smoothie in a glass – ready for action!  I had introduced this mum to this idea a couple of weeks ago and now, without any further encouragement from me, she is a convert. You don’t have to be breast feeding to benefit either!  The drinks will help boost your flagging energy levels and help you cope with the on-going broken sleep over weeks and months.  Your immune system will get a massive boost and your insides will thank you for reaching for the glass rather than that next chocolate muffin or packet of sugar soaked biscuits. The book we bought was by Victoria Boutenko and is called Green for Life.  Whilst I am not quite going to her extremes of a raw diet lifestyle (I love my...

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