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You Are My Sunshine!

Posted by on Aug 31, 2013 in babble | 0 comments

With school holidays nearly at an end, many parents with young babies born earlier in the summer are considering snapping up a bargain offer for a short trip overseas in September/October.  They have probably spent the first 6-12 weeks getting to grips with all the demands of this new little person and are seeing our British Summer slipping through their fingers.  Even though we had a bad start, the weather has made up for it since.  Even I have managed to lay on more than 2 summer barbecues where we weren’t running for shelter from the rain before the end of the first sausage! Concerned mothers and fathers often ask me if their new babies can actually go out in full sun with their fragile skin.  The safest answer is usually “not until they are 6 months old”.   You need to make sure they are covered when in the sun and that you apply some sunscreen to any areas that might burn, keeping them protected from direct sunlight as much as possible by using buggy parasols, or even the trusty old muslin thrown over the buggy hood, clipped on with a clothes peg if all else fails!   Even under the perceived safety of an awning or sun umbrella, the light bounces off the surrounding area and can still burn that sensitive skin.  Don’t assume that because they are in the shade, they won’t burn.  Always make sure they have some good sunscreen on – a minimum of SPF 15. There are coloured creams which, whilst they may look a bit funny, will ensure that your baby is well and truly basted and you’ll easily see where you may have missed any bits as you spread it on those little chubby arms, legs and cheeks.  Always make sure your little ones wear a hat – either one with a nice Paddington Bear type wide brim, or the “Je ne sais quoi” look … le French Legionnaire perhaps … with a nice wide peak with long strips of material which cover the back of their neck and ears.  Do remember to rub cream over the tops of those little ears and over the tops of their feet and re-apply when they have been in the water; certainly at least every 2 hours when outside. If you have concerns about the contents of some of the mainstream sunscreens from your local chemist, there is a super little shop in Wimbledon Village, close to where I live,  called Skin+Care which sells fabulous products that are 100% organic, not tested on animals and certainly much better for your skin than most other products.  Lisa is hugely knowledgeable about the products she stocks and I send many of my local mums to visit Lisa for nice pure stuff for their new bundles.  If you want to put only good things on to your new baby’s precious little bod, pop in and have a chat with her. You can read all about it on the website Whatever you do, make sure your little ones are well protected … Oh – and have a lovely holiday! photo credit: Boudewijn Berends via photopin...

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