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Osteopathy for Babies

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A long time ago in a job far, far away, I was introduced by a very open-minded mother, to the amazing world of Cranial Osteopathy for babies. I’d never heard of it back then and agreed to go along with her whilst her little 3 week old baby was given the first treatment.  I watched with a mixture of cynicism and boredom as the practitioner gradually moved her hands gently from place to place, cupping the baby’s head in her palms, holding him gently around the pelvis and laying her hand on his rapidly rising and falling tummy. This particular baby had suffered with bouts of crying in the evening lasting as long as 4 hours.  This was back in the day when I did live-in work so it was not only the mum who was tired, but I was the one pacing around half the night with an inconsolable baby.  It was exhausting and upsetting for all concerned. After a single treatment, the change in that particular baby was enough to convert me and, as soon as I possibly could, I began seeking out good cranial osteopaths in the areas where I was working.  This was back in about 1996. When my work began to evolve into what I do today, I realised that getting this type of treatment as early as possible would prove to be beneficial to both mother and baby.  I had visited an osteopath personally by then for my own aches and pains, so when he and his partner set up their own small practice in North Clapham, I was over the moon.  This meant that I could get many of my clients in to see them as my main catchment area is South West London.  I trusted them completely and they have certainly never let me down. John Carr and Maria Sonberg have successfully treated dozens of babies (and their parents) with whom I have worked over the past few years.  Their gentle approach, warmth and calm nature have instantly put anxious parents at ease and they have helped many of “my” babies with issues such as windy pain, stuck neck, fussing at the breast, reflux and even a baby who pooed a bit too often and was getting sore! The basic principles of osteopathy are: The structure of the body affects its function The body is a self-healing unit A good blood supply throughout the body is vital for good health Restrictions in the body will eventually lead to disease By applying incredibly gentle pressure (never more than resting a 5p piece on the baby’s head!) to various parts of the baby’s body, feeling for tiny signs and signals through their highly trained hands, stresses and tensions resulting from birth are located and released.  I have found that babies who have arrived after a long and traumatic labour, C-sections, Ventouse and forceps deliveries have all benefitted in many ways from even as little as one or two visits to John or Maria. If you are interested in finding out more about this gentle, non-invasive method, have a peek at their website or give them a call for a nice chat to ask any questions you might have. photo credit: FrankGuido via photopin...

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