Ashley, Frankfurt, March 2020

Feedback after a recent Zoom Consultation

What was your position before the Zoom call with Hattie?

Having just moved to a new country and with my husband back at work after a few days’ paternity leave, I found myself grappling for the best ways to navigate feeding and sleeping.

As a first-time mum all I was in need of was some guidance and sound knowledge and that’s when the wonderful and skilled Hattie came into my life.

Before my Zoom session with her it is fair to say I was experiencing anxiety which at times felt completely suffocating. Google had, unfortunately, become my best friend for researching all the worst-case scenarios I had come across in terms of my baby’s development, as well as the potential illnesses.

I thought my baby could have suffered badly from not sleeping and eating enough. It turned out having spoken to Hattie, he was perfectly fine; it was me who needed the helping hand to help him navigate a sleeping and eating pattern that worked for him, and that’s exactly what Hattie achieved. By listening to my concerns and talking through things for two hours, she came up with a workable yet flexible routine for me to try out. I now refer to her as Hattie the life saver! 

What reservations did you have before you started working with Hattie?

Overall, I felt confident as Hattie had been recommended to me by a friend who Hattie had helped, albeit at my friend’s home not over Zoom. My ideal would have been to have her to come to our home as she did for my friend (who also raves about Hattie’s amazing ways), but I am in a different country so I knew it wouldn’t be possible. But I was willing to try anything, even experimenting with technology in relation to something as important as helping me with my baby.

I have to say my experience of working remotely with Hattie over Zoom was nothing short of brilliant, she may as well have been in my sitting room, having a cup of tea of with me, it felt no different. 

What was it like working with Hattie?

Great! I can’t recommend it enough, especially if you don’t live in London and are questioning whether remote consultations will work. It was brilliant! Hattie immediately puts you at ease with her genuine and friendly manner, not to mention when you get down to talking babies, she knows everything there is to know; there was no question left unanswered and no worry of mine left unsolved. 

What is the best result that you have got from this session?

I feel more confident through Hattie’s knowledge and guidance and being able to use her as a knowledgeable sounding board! As a result, my anxiety is no more. And as they say, Happy Mum, Happy Baby and for that I will be forever thankful to Hattie. Not to mention, the flexible routine that Hattie created has meant that my baby who is now 9 weeks is sleeping like an angel (most of time).

I can’t thank her enough!

Gillian Tiltman, Clapham

I didn’t want a coach at first.

“To say that I was nervous before my daughter’s birth in January of 2018 is the biggest understatement ever. I was absolutely terrified. I was booked in for a C section as we knew she was breach and my husband was able to take 2 weeks off work and no more – and I have no family in the UK. I was TERRIFIED. I wanted a live in 24 hour maternity nurse to support me but my husband felt very strongly that I was far more capable than I thought I was and I needed some coaching and guidance. That’s when we found Hattie.

From the moment I met Hattie I felt soothed and comforted. Clearly this woman knew what she was doing. She helped me get Grace on an amazing schedule – we “built a baby” together – and that schedule is still in place – flexibly – 14 months later! Hattie gave me confidence in myself and my own abilities and more importantly she became one of the most important people in my life those first few precious months of motherhood for me.

In those first few months with baby Grace, in Hattie I really found a friend. I couldn’t recommend her services highly enough. She helped not only to build my baby, but to build me as a Mum.”

I joined Gillian, a first time mum, when her daughter was two weeks old.  Having had a c-section, it was agreed before the birth that her husband could take the first two weeks off work to support her, arranging for me to start coming in once he had to return to work.  We booked in several sessions over the first few weeks, but  Gillian quickly realised that having this kind of spaced coaching suited her far more than she had imagined, and she was really enjoying the experience and we got along famously.  She decided to add in some more visits to take us right up to Grace’s 4-month milestone.  This gave us time to build on Grace’s good habits and explain how to adapt to the developmental leaps, leaving her at the end of our time together feeling confident and empowered as a parent.   I think we will remain friends for quite some time!

Debbie Jenkins, Godalming

Which way to turn?

“Like many mums it took me reaching breaking point to contact Hattie. I had heard about her magic touch through a friend of mine but had been slightly put off by the cost.

From the moment Hattie arrived I felt instantly at ease. We had a long chat about what had been going on, (my daughter had been waking every hour at night for weeks) and we then discussed how and why this could be happening.

The rest was very straight forward. I don’t know what I had been expecting, but far from a long day of intervention and instruction we simply did a few things differently and then sat on the sofa like old friends putting the world to rights. Within 3 days my daughter was only waking once a night and after 4 she had slept through for the first time.

Not only do I feel like a human being again but it is entirely possible that Hattie also saved my marriage, as the sleep deprivation had really started to take its toll.

Hattie is an absolute pleasure to deal with and the sort of person you want to be around when you are feeling low.

For anyone with reservations about the price, all I can say is that having your sleep and sanity back feels very much like a holiday and I imagine most people would be prepared to spend considerably more on that.

From our perspective it is the best investment we have made since our daughter was born and next time we won’t be waiting to get Hattie involved.”

A first time mum who had been struggling for weeks.  I think she says it all in her testimonial, so no need for me to add more here.  I have since returned to Debbie after the birth of her 2nd baby in 2018.


Tamasine Hankey and Baby Emilia
Buckets of Helpful Advice

“I found the first few days and weeks of being a new mum a real shock to system and sadly I had not heard about the help that Hattie offers until my little one was 6 weeks old. After 6 weeks of little sleep and having been told we had a ‘colicky’ baby Hattie was recommended to us by a family friend. Hattie arrived with buckets of helpful advice and support that immediately turned our little one into a very contented baby and gave me much more confidence. I wish we had known about Hattie before I gave birth as there is no point struggling in those first few weeks when expert help is at hand.”

A first time mum who had lost her way a little with all the conflicting advice being given. I spent one initial session with her, changing some of the patterns that weren’t working, including getting her little one down to bed considerably earlier in the evening and giving her a game plan to establish a more predictable day.


Lezil Nelson, Earlsfield (now in Australia)
First-time mum

“I was a sleep deprived mum never getting more than a half hour during the day or two hours at a time in the evenings with my baby boy when I first met Hattie. Within 15 minutes of meeting her, he had a 2 hour nap that day and 6 hours that night! Hatties unique way of swaddling, fool proof burping method and helping you recognise and understand your babies needs in her professional yet personal way is what makes her so phenomenal. Her warmth, confidence, positivity and reassuring hugs were just what I needed together with her unfailing insight. Thank you Hattie!” xoxo Mummy Lezil and baby Ethan


Baby Ethan

Lezil was a first time mum and called me to help establish some order in her days. I arranged one Sleep & Routine visit (3 hours) and one further follow up a few weeks later. Baby had been held/rocked to sleep since birth; she had tried various book based methods, all failed. Baby was snacking all day, never sleeping long and parents were exhausted.


Gemma Dart, Totnes, Devon
Remote consultations

“I started having remote consultations with Hattie via email and phone when I was 7 months pregnant. I really had no clue as to what it would be like to have a newborn as I’d focussed solely on giving birth and the pain I was about to experience. As it happened his birth was wonderful and a story in itself but I digress…….

Hattie helped me enormously with advice on everything including breast feeding, expressing, storing milk, baby blues, oral thrush, vaccines, sore nipples, suspected colic, winding techniques, jaundice, swaddling…….the list is endless really.

Hattie set me up with a routine and Albie has been following it since he was a few weeks old. He is a purely breast fed baby (which I never would have believed in the days where my boyfriend was syringing colostrum off me to feed our son with).

Hattie gave me confidence and the ability to persevere in many aspects of Albie’s young life (including how to deal with people who turned their noses up as soon as I mentioned the word ‘routine’) Albie is now 14 weeks old. He weighs a healthy 12lb 13oz and is going through the night without a feed. He is a happy, healthy little chap who seems to thrive on the structure we have set up for him. He knows his routine and looks forward to feeds and bath time (ESP bath time)!

With Hattie’s help I am no longer completely lost and am able to pass on my knowledge (confidently) to my ‘new mum’ friends.”


Baby Albie

First time mum living in a rural town in Devon, famous for it’s New Age approach to life: she felt she wanted guidance but was surrounded by people who had hugely opposing views to hers so she asked for my long-distance help; I arranged a single full day home visit prior to the birth to do a Baby Prep session and explain how the distance coaching works; after birth of the baby I was able to either call or email Gemma every few days at the start, to coach her over the early days breast feeding, new mum worries and sleeplessness. Over the next 4 months she emailed me questions and I kept in touch to guide her through various developmental changes, building on good sleep habits to help her establish a workable and healthy routine for them as a family.


Ian Hayes, Haywards Heath
6 week postnatal support package

“I just wanted to write to thank you so much for everything. We have a very happy, contented little girl who is just amazing. When we first met you, everything was more than a little fraught. Now, many compare their own babies to ours and comment on what a calm, happy and relaxed baby we have. We basically tell them it’s all down to you. My view is a good night’s sleep is priceless to function properly and that is what you have ultimately given to us, as the parents. As a result you cannot put a £ sign on sleep and that is what people miss when they look at the cost of the 6 week package. What you put in place and helped us with has been invaluable and you should be as proud as we are of the little one you have produced!”

Ian called me at 6 weeks as he felt both he and his partner were struggling with the disintegrating structure in their days and lack of sleep at night. I arranged a 6 week package of some full and half days to make the relevant changes and help implement them. The results were so good that they added further dates and I continued to coach them right through to Starting Solids.


Lauren, Battersea
Quick results

“We still refer to our baby’s life as BH & AH (before and after Hattie). We finally got our evenings back and at 9 weeks old, our son was sleeping through the night. Get Hattie on board! The earlier the better”

Mum had stumbled into poor sleep habits and their evenings were terrible; we arranged a Sleep & Routine session andI  left her with a healthier, flexible and realistic routine plus some better sleep associations to work with. The results were very quick and continued to work well.


Diana Tiefa, Greenwich
One-off session

“Out of all the babies I know, our little one is now by far the best sleeper and I put all this down to Hattie. Definitely one of the best investments we made for our little one. Wished we’d called her sooner!”

Mum and Dad were struggling to get any day/night structure so we did a one-off session to discuss where things could be improved and Charlotte adapted to the new routine with gusto.


Baby Charlotte

Catherine, Kent
Repeat business!

“Hattie came to help me (for 2 days) when my son was 4 mths old. She reassured me and gave me the confidence I was lacking and within a few days he was sleeping through the night. If any other mums are feeling sleep deprived, stressed and a bit vulnerable, please don’t be too proud to ask for help. It can be an overwhelming time. Hattie returned to help me 16 months later with my twins. It is money well spent to start 100% enjoying such precious time with your baby.”

Catherine first called me for help with her first baby. She felt extremely anxious and worried when her little one cried and she was not sure how to cope. I spent a couple of full days with her to put a nice pattern together, getting her observing her baby on a camera as he learned to self-settle and reassuring her that she could do this on her own. He quickly went on to become a champion sleeper and loved his new routine. On the birth of her twins shortly afterwards, Catherine had me back to make sure she got off to a good start with sleep habits.


Richard Grant, Chiswick

Two out of three – a good batting average.

“Let me start by saying this – I don’t regularly write posts (this is my first) and I’ve not been asked or paid to write this post. It will seem that way…but it’s not. Hattie isn’t a family member, and nor is she a friend. She is however, someone who I’m now very fond of – you get that way when lovely people make miraculous things happen.

We first met Hattie nearly two years ago. We were recommended her by Kathryn Mewes (of Channel 4’s, “The Three Day Nanny ” series), as we were looking for someone to help get our 10 week old son to sleep. We couldn’t put him down without him crying. We’d not had a problem with our daughter when she was a baby, but it was a different story for our 2nd and we admitted we needed the help. Having him sleep in our arms was nice – but tiring and limiting.

So Hattie arrived. We were dubious about whether she could make a difference in the 5 hours we had booked her for. I mean – how could she? We’d tried everything.

Magic dust. That’s the answer. I’m convinced. I mean, Hattie did talk to us about our son’s daily routine, and she did give my wife some top tips to bear in mind when breastfeeding him. She also helped us to spot signs when he was getting tired so we knew when he should be put in his cot. She gave us a huge jolt of confidence too – that we were doing the right things and that our experience was quite common etc. Then, at some stage, without us seeing, she must have sprinkled a load of magic dust on our son’s head and for the first time he slept on his own, in his cot. That night, after she had left, we gingerly followed the same routine. The result? He slept….so long we had to wake him for his next feed. We had the whole evening to ourselves to cook, chat and eat.

From that day, he has been a brilliant sleeper. No trouble. No fuss. No tears. Just an absolute delight. For the last two years. Genuinely an incredible result.

So it was an obvious decision to ask Hattie to come back when our 3rd child was 10 weeks old. The result? The same. Well – nearly. Baby number 3 is a bit more fussy and less chilled than our second. So he needed a couple more days to get used to the routine but he quickly picked it up and now sleeps well during the day and at night.

Why did I bother writing this post? Well I know how much I debated whether we could afford to pay for Hattie and whether she would really make a difference. So I know what other parents will be thinking.

My experience of using her twice? Do it. Book her up. You will not regret it. She is very experienced and knowledgeable, and she gets results. Not only that she is a genuinely lovely person. (She also does as amazing impression of crying babies!).

The benefit we have from three children sleeping from 7pm far far far outweighs Hattie’s costs. It is the best decision a tired parent can make! I would happily chat to anyone should they wish to get in touch.”

I don’t need to add to this – Richard did all the explaining for me!


Fran Snowball, First time parents, Clapham

Just in time for Christmas!

“When you are expecting a child for the first time, everyone has recommendations for you but Hattie was by far the best one we received! We booked a number of half day sessions for when our daughter arrived and throughout the first few months of her life.

Hattie arrived on day one with love, energy and lots of stories. As new parents we had so much to learn and Hattie’s relaxed, friendly approach was excellent. She has seen it all before so you can ask all of the silly questions on your mind knowing that she or one of the people in her fantastic newborn network will know the answer.

She has the ability to build your confidence, tactfully observe the situation and subtly reinforce messages without lecturing sleep deprived parents. Talking of sleep, Hattie has set up a wonderful flexible routine for our daughter and showed us how to adapt it over various milestones and she is a very content baby who sleeps brilliantly.

Hattie leaves booklets and printouts full of tips and tricks that you can refer back to when she has gone as there is a lot to take in at first. This has been so helpful.

We are very grateful for Hattie’s advice and support through what was an exciting but testing time as we adapted to family life.

We would highly recommend Hattie and would be willing to speak to any parents considering help with newborns.”


Lara Chalfin, London.  First time mum

Could it be true?

I always remember the story told she about one of her little babies who, now much older, asked to go to bed. I thought, “My god, that’s the dream!  How on earth does that happen?”
Well, my son does it now too, would you believe and it’s all down to Hattie. He is such a fabulous sleeper. Still happily having naps of 2 hours or more at lunchtime and at bedtime, after 10 minutes of  Elmo after the bath, waves goodbye to the TV and marches off to his bedroom asking for his bottle.
I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Hattie and her fabulous support. 
I joined Lara shortly after the birth of her baby boy, who chose a 3 month postnatal package.  Having seen her through the early weeks and seen great results in both her little boy’s development and her own confidence as a mum, Lara then added a smattering of sessions with me to take her to 5 months and eventually finishing off with a weaning session before waving goodbye.
Serena Hindhaugh, Fulham.  
Second time around but not quite as easy as the first!

“I had lost my way.  I admit I feared the day and quite simply dreaded the nights.  My baby and I cried all the time.  I needed Hattie’s help.   I already had a 2 year old and thought I knew what I was doing because my daughter and I found our routine fairly easily; but then my son arrived, and I was in trouble in week two. 

The simple benefit of Hattie is that you work together, taking into account your personal circumstance and finding solutions that suit you and your baby.  This is not possible through books or blogs etc.  The financial cost cannot be equated to the peace and confidence you gain building the relationship with your baby, and my son thrived on it.  The whole family did.

 I was so tired that I could not identify what kind of additional help I needed.  I had the full support of my husband but we battled with our son’s constant crying and often screaming, not being able to pacify him and he never seemed to sleep.   Neither did I.  As I rang a friend in tears, again, it was suggested to me why not ring Hattie Weeks? 

24 hours later Hattie was on my doorstep, politely requesting a coffee, and began to wave her magic wand. Within an hour my son was asleep and we had to wake him for feeds.

We had battled with some medical hurdles which did not help my baby in the early day , so we found it difficult for either of us to settle or relax.  I had haemorrhaged post birth and suppressed the trauma which put me on a back foot for coping with sleep deprived stress.  My little boy had lost 10% of his birth weight and we struggled to gain it back.  Luckily the district midwife noticed he was tongue-tied, so by day 10 he had the procedure and he began latching on better.  By week four, my 2 year old caught chicken pox!  He then caught a virus and we were in hospital for a night, but none of us could put our finger on why he was generally not a well baby and weight gain was so slow. At 7 weeks my baby boy had Bronchiolitis and we were in an ambulance to hospital with poor respiratory conditions where we spend 4 nights. 

My baby’s birth weight was 3.4 kg, it went down to 3kg;  by the time I met with Hattie he was 4.8kg at 10 weeks.  After 2 weeks of her simple sleep and feed schedule he had put on a kilo to 5.75kg!  The difference in the baby was incredible and the general wellbeing in the household was extraordinary.  My tired little lad had jumped from the 9th percentile to the 25th in 2 weeks.  He was no longer fragile, with bags under his eyes, but was now a chubby and smiley baby and we began to bond.  In truth I loved my son the moment I met him, but I only began to truly bond with him when serenity entered our lives through sleep. 

It was December – Hattie became my Christmas fairy rather than my guardian angel; my son and I were transformed with our new routine.  It was that fast.  And we had 5 more days to look forward to.  I understand it is not that fast for everyone, but my little boy and I were delirious with tiredness and embraced change. 

The wonder of Hattie’s help is that it teaches you how to read your baby’s signals telling you what he needs.  She regains your confidence.  The swaddle technique raised eyebrows but my baby loved it and BAM! … he was snoring.   

I honestly think if I had not got Hattie’s help I would have a different baby growing into toddler and beyond.  Anxiety and tension in the house due to sleep deprivation would have changed relationships between parents and siblings.

I am not ashamed to admit I found it hard to be happy and enjoy the experience.  Health visitors began to banter the word depression around me which scared me.  I knew I needed help but I could not work out exactly under what capacity.  It was Hattie and her gentle advice that helped us, and gave me all I needed to get back on track and find my way with motherhood again.  It is that simple and I am that thankful.  I cannot recommend her enough. 

And to all the sceptics out there, Yes! it is that necessary to pay for someone to point out the bleedin’ obvious to the overwhelmed!”

A bad winter of colds and coughs, mis-diagnosed illnesses in both mum and and baby and mum had reached rock bottom when I was called in to help.  By looking over his current routine, then introducing some better structured timings in the day, working around the new baby’s capabilities and needs whilst implementing some really great naps, everyone benefitted.  

On-going challenges over this winter of nasty super-bugs (and their capacity to disrupt even the calmest of babies) has resulted in my having to return once to boost her confidence once more, but he is getting there.

Zeena Rogerson, SW London
When I found out I was pregnant, I was excited and keen to make sure I put things in place from day 1 to (selfishly!) ensure my sleep was protected and our lives are were interrupted in a positive way. 
A friend recommended Hattie, who helped us through the first 6 weeks of our little ones life. Hattie’s coaching style is relaxed, pragmatic and memorable, which made me also feel relaxed and pragmatic and solution focused. 
If you want to be a chilled, unfussy mother, with a happy baby who mirrors your style, Hattie’s the lady to show you how to get your little one through the day with smiles and sleeps, and sleeping through the night early on. 
Zeena was given my details by a previous client of mine and, in our initial meeting, she voiced that she was very much wanting to keep an open mind regarding all aspects of what lay ahead.  Her great sense of humour and open minded approach meant that it was easy for us to work out a pattern that suited everyone.  As her baby girl was sleeping through the night by about 10 weeks of age, I think even she would agree!