from birth to 3 months


Consultations are individual home visits to address specific topics such as  how to manage with a crying baby, learning to read your baby, teaching self-settling, implementing routines or how to change poor sleep habits.  These visits are typically 4 hours long.  Some problems may be sorted out in a single visit whilst others will mean that you want a bit of propping up over a few sessions as you make changes, so practical support may be needed over three or more days.  For example, correcting poor sleep habits and starting to put a flexible daily routine in place as your baby gets a little older.


A one-off 4 hour long coaching session can be arranged to help with one or two specific areas that you may be finding stressful (safe handling, bathing, settling for example), but if you are in need of confidence building and general guidance then you will benefit from two or three half day bookings to get you on a more even keel.

which one is right for you?

If you want to have a chat in the first instance, please complete the CONTACT page with a bit of background so that I can get a better idea of what you might need.  We can then arrange a suitable time for a relaxed chat to go into more detail.

Some of the many areas in which I can coach you

  • Nappy changing and how to clean your baby daily
  • Handling the overwhelm of having a new baby
  • Early days breast feeding problems
  • Managing issues such as sticky eye, thrush, engorgement, cracked nipples
  • Latching technique
  • Colic & Reflux
  • Bathing and dressing your baby
  • Self settling and coping with a crying baby
  • Swaddling methods
  • How to plan your day around a newborn
  • Getting out and about
  • Starting good sleep habits
  • Implementing a routine

Most mums-to-be would think that that would just about cover it … but there is the emotional side of things to think about too.

from one of my mums

I could try to explain, but I think it’s better to hear it from one of my mums.  She is self employed and runs her own highly successful and very demanding business.  A few weeks before the birth, she booked me for a 2 hour Baby Prep session to go over all the bits and bobs she would need for the first couple of months, followed by a Post Natal package lasting three months.  This tailor-made package was made up of 12 half days and 4 full days.

“As a hard-working business woman I didn’t think life with a new baby would be that big a challenge.  After all, apart from sending the odd email, my baby was going to be my main focus.

In a nutshell – nothing prepared me for the emotional upheaval, exhaustion and the “brain fog” that followed the birth of my daughter.  I quickly realised that I absolutely needed to be helped to understand the basics, not only of being a new mum but so much more.  I needed the support and reassurance of someone I could trust and someone who knew that my brain couldn’t hold information, that I would instantly forget what I’d just been told,  and that I’d over-stress and over-worry … an exceptional skill of mine I’ve decided.

We all benefited massively from our time with Hattie, both practically and emotionally.

During the first two weeks she taught us the ropes and I grew confident very quickly with the day to day care of our new baby girl.

Hattie helped me understand what was going on in my head, helped me deal with all the emotions, the baby blues (believe me they are real) talked me through it, reassured me and gave me hugs when it was all a bit too much.

During the next few weeks as I surfaced from the brain fog, she made me take a step back and see that my baby was settling better, gaining weight rapidly and sleeping deeply for longer blocks of time.  She explained me how we were going to be working towards a more consistent daily pattern and gradually things began to feel more structured.   We were shown how to watch our baby closely, learning how to interpret her body language and  little noises which made me better able to recognise when she was tiring, windy, bored or over-stimulated and how to respond in good time before the meltdown started.

After 4 weeks, I started to understand about how to start good routines and what to do with Gabriella’s “awake time” – how to play and interact with her as she started to see a bit better.

I had expressed from birth and Hattie taught me everything I needed to know about how to store and use my milk.

Breast-feeding support  was also something I really benefited from with Hattie – from the early days when I gave birth and still today, almost 6 weeks down the line.  Breast feeding for me (and I believe for many) is not like riding a bike – i..e  you think once you are on, you are sorted!  In fact it takes time and so much perseverance to keep going. Every woman is different.  My baby had problems latching at the beginning, then had problems with my right breast – she didn’t seem to like it. Then I over produced milk and it squirted at her – literally!  All of these things are enough to put you off, but Hattie knew that I had been really keen to breast feed, so she really encouraged me to keep going – reassuring and supporting me at every step.

Motherhood is a journey and I’m a mere 5+ weeks in.  I am feeling ready to “go it alone” but I am very reassured by the fact that Hattie is an email or text or call away during the next weeks and months.  As my little girl develops, I know that I can invite Hattie back for more consultations as and when I need them.”