three weeks

3 week packages


A shorter package that is ideal for both first time parents or those who already have a toddler.  This package gives parents time to get baby and mum settled in at home whilst the extra support helps mum’s attention to be spread between baby and toddler during the transition stage.


week 1: three half days to cover

Arrival home. Beginning breastfeeding (or bottle feeding). Dealing with breastfeeding problems. Nurturing & nourishment for the mother. Encouraging weight gain in the baby. General newborn hygiene. Swaddling & clothing. Temperature control. Settling in. Reassurance & confidence building in both parents.


week 2: three half days to cover

Improving on all the above plus growth spurts. Implementing good sleep habits. Expressing/sterilizing.


week 3: two half days to cover

Bathing and bedtime routines. Confidence building. Questions and answers. Baby Clinic visits. “Getting out and about” session, from boarding buses with buggies to riding on the tube.


Prices on application. Make an enquiry about the three week option: