six weeks

six week packages


The first 6 weeks after your arrival home with your new baby, this package helps to get both parents and baby settled in at home, teaching confidence and techniques to the father that will help support the mum long after I leave.


This is an exceptionally good package for mums needing to recover from a C-Section birth as well as mums who have had natural deliveries.  I can offer half or full days, but here is an outline of a package based on purely half days to give you an idea of what I would cover in my time with you.


week 1: three half days per week to cover

Arrival home. Beginning breastfeeding/bottle feeding. Dealing with breast feeding problems. Sterlising; Encouraging weight gain in the baby. General newborn hygiene. Swaddling & clothing. Temperature control. Settling in. Reassurance & confidence building in both parents. Nurturing & nourishment for the mother. Practical post-natal support for C-section mums.

weeks 2-3: three half days per week to cover

Improving breastfeeding. Dealing with growth spurts. Introducing bathtimes. Rest & respite for mother. Forming good sleep habits for your baby.

How to express and store milk. Building up confidence in mum after dad returns to work.


weeks 4-6: two half days per week to cover

Building confidence in mother.  How to read your baby’s body language. Implementing a flexible routine.  Regular expressing (if wanted). How to get out and about with your baby. “Buggy driving” lessons!  Advice about baby play groups, how to meet other mums and socialising.


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