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Maybe you and your partner are about to become first-time parents and are exploring postnatal support options.

Perhaps you are already home with your new baby and finding things rather more challenging than you anticipated!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the conflicting information and different opinions you are hearing and want some clarity?

Are you struggling to establish any kind of routine and feeling ready to have some normality back in your days?

Or have you been going-it-alone with your new baby and now feel ready for some coaching to take you forward?

Perhaps you don’t have family nearby to support and guide you, or perhaps you have felt you should be able to cope on your own. 

If you are on this site for any of the above reasons, then you have taken one very important step towards finding some answers.

All parents benefit from seeking some form of guidance or coaching during the early weeks and months of their newborn’s life.  They say it takes a village to raise a child, but these days, without the circle of wisdom which would have been available when living in such close proximity to grand-parents, aunties and other family members, the first weeks with a newborn can feel like a lonely, exhausting and isolating time.  Therefore, getting the right kind of coaching and help at this pivotal time in your relationship has never been more crucial.

Hundreds of people become new parents every day, and all of them feel completely overwhelmed at some point during the weeks that follow.

By teaching you how to read and understand your new baby, demonstrating techniques and tricks that I have learned during my 24 years, working with over five thousand babies, you will quickly begin to gain confidence and feel more in control.  I will dispel some of the popular internet myths about babies, helping bring some good old common sense back into play whilst offering you reassurance and encouragement every step of the way.

I was catapulted into the world of newborns 24 years ago, when my brother’s wife gave birth to triplet boys and I offered to help them out in whatever ways I could.

When my nephews were 8 months old, I made it a life choice to continue working with Newborns back in my home city, London.

I am a highly experienced and qualified newborn baby coach, working with parents from the birth to 6 months of age, and in demand by parents who simply want some professional yet relaxed, consistent and friendly on-going support as they navigate the early weeks with a new baby.

My approach

I listen to the wants, needs and concerns of each individual family, then offer solutions that work for them.  This I achieve by visiting the family for an initial consultation, then putting together a bespoke postnatal package for them, rather than living with them 24 hours a day for weeks on end.

By choosing a postnatal package, spacing the visits so that you receive the right amount of information in a continual but manageable flow in the early weeks, then scale down as your confidence grows, you’ll have time to bond with your baby in private, yet feel secure in the knowledge that I will be back in only a matter of days to move you up to the next level when you are ready.