home visits

home visits to help prepare for your new baby

Meeting you at your home, a few weeks prior to the birth, to discuss how best to prepare for the baby’s first few weeks at home. Advice about practical layouts, products that are worth buying (or not) and an opportunity to discuss what help you feel you would like when the time comes.  A nice way to get to know me a bit before the big day and an opportunity to ask some of those questions that are rattling around in your head that were not covered in your antenatal classes.


Casting an experienced and practical eye around your home to offer some stress saving solutions to problems before they arise.


Hands on practice of techniques such as nappy changing, burping positions, safe handling of a newborn and swaddling/comforting – all using a baby dummy for practice. A fun session to arm you with some practical tips and an opportunity for you to discuss any postnatal support packages that might be of interest to you.