about me

experience with newborns spanning 20+ years and 2500+ babies


hattie weeksI was thrown into the world of new babies when my younger brother became a rather surprised father to triplet boys in 1995 and I was enlisted to help.

After 8 fairly eventful months with my three noisy nephews, I decided to “pass it forward” by continuing to help new parents get to grips with their own bundles of noise and worked as a live-in Maternity Nanny/Nurse in London for a further 6 years to gain more experience with families other than my own.  I later revered to just working daytimes only as my help, unless a baby was purely bottle fed, was surplus to requirements overnight if a baby was being breast fed overnight.

Almost 21 years and over 2,500 babies later, I am now much in demand by parents who find that some relaxed, highly experienced and friendly on-going support is just what they need.

After a few more years of offering daily support to new mothers, several of my clients commented that it was the coaching aspect of my service that they found most useful.  Having someone in your home either on a 24 hour/live-in basis or even coming in 5-6 days per week can be rather stressful and overwhelming if you want to spend time with your new baby and husband, in private.  My clients suggested that I offer postnatal coaching, periodically over blocks of time rather than every day of the week.  I gave it a try and have never looked back!  Regularly taking bookings up to 6 months in advance, it seem that my mums were right.

Prior to doing this wonderful job,  I had worked variously as a PA, Marketing Executive, Yacht Crew member, Scuba Diving Instructor and Underwater Photographer.  I therefore can happily apply myself to many different and challenging situations.

My belief

It is my belief that all mothers and fathers need some support, guidance and coaching during the weeks and months following a birth.

I believe it is better to gently ease new parents into their role by showing them how to read and understand their baby, rather than taking over as the primary carer.  I think it is essential to boost confidence and give reassurance about any concerns by educating and shadowing them as they become increasingly comfortable and relaxed.

I do not believe that there is only one way of doing things, preferring to listen to the wants, needs and concerns of each individual family, then offering solutions that work for them.  This can be achieved by visiting the family, offering bespoke postnatal packages, rather than living with them 24 hours a day for weeks on end.

By spacing visits, this allows parents time to adapt, to have time together to bond as a family but safe in the knowledge that my support is only a phone call away and that I will be back from time after time until they no longer need me.

I offer this all with empathy, kindness, genuine warmth and lots of humour.